Acid is entering the sea,Carbon is okay if plants are taking it,I learnt we are the problem on earth,There is acid in the sea,700 Natural Disasters Happened in 2018,There is alot of climate change 😢,I learnt that,Humans are one of the biggest problems,The acid level is rising in the ocean.,People are making a cloud from pollution,In Antartica lots of ice is melting,carbon is okay if plants are taking it,Water levels are rising,there is more problems then you think,what da 0 z0n3 is,The oceans have acid in it,i learn we are the problem of earth,Power Stations burn fossil fuels.,coral may disappear in the future,2019 over 700 natural disasters happened,The oceans have risen by 1intch,What is the Ozone Layer?,700 Natural Happened in 2018,There is a lot of climate change 😢,I have learn we are the problem on earth,fish die other ways like us throw trash,i learn we are trying hard to save earth,making power is creating carbon dioxide,the earth may dye,Billions of ice caps melts every year!,The water rise every year!,We've had a 75ise in natural disasters,I've learnt that we might me doomed 2040,Under the earth soil affected,Burning fossil fuel causes acidic water,Ice caps are melting faster,Temperature is breaking countries,That fossil fuel is a thing.,Icecaps have melted from temperature,Every year the worlds weather changes.,There are roughly 700 disasters a year.,There is lots of Droughts in Australia.,The temperature is rising by 1.5 degrees,The seas are slowly rising,Antarctica is melting,Pollution is affecting our sea creatures,The earth is warming up!!!!!,there is acid in the sea ;~;,Disasters happen more each year.,Temperature makes Winter - Summer,there is a lo of climate change 😢,Temperature changes every year.,It gets hotter every year.,