$$$,leadership,mycological solutions,structure,install at least 50 raintanks,develop a visual water language,ask more questions,to be a better person,finding out what an emu is,develop earthworks skills,engage partners - synergies,communicate even more,get all faculty housing on gw,swim through avalanch,support from others,delegate leadership,finish multibenefits visuals,get a grip,more restoration projects,employee feeder program - internships tr,more actual site design projects,steamline cad,paid projects, no grants,recognize my own self worth,complete landscape architecture projects,establish fluid workflow in new teams,increased efficiency,be heard,expand gis knowledge,integrate platforms messaging,scale up,results in ecosystem improvements,continue crushing,mushrooms,recirculating portable water,plant more edible/medicinal,sustainable advocacy work,gain deeper knowledge & understanding,deepening team solidarity,vertical integration with the nursery,hands on plants,apply knowledge,drone work,finding new projects,more design,monitoring monies,mastery of technical platforms,new tools for efficiencies,integrate meaningfully and usefully,