to kill time,i read for entertainment purposes,fun to imagine a different life,my teachers make me,i read if i have to,i read when i can’t use my phone,i read to obtain information.,i read because i need something to do.,for pleasure,it is relaxing and fun,because there are a lot of cool storys,forced to in school by a teacher,the book has a good topic/story,i enjoy escaping into a new world,it is a different perspective of life,we are forced to,reading helps me escape reality,directions,to follow directions,its fun,i read because it lets my mind explore,if i’m extremely bored,i read because of the suspense in a book,because i don’t want to fail school.,i like to,my parents tell me to.,my mom asks me to,escape reality,i read because i am forced to,i read 2 learn interesting facts like,se are forced to,it’s fun,if i’m in it or my family.,fantasy plots are better than reality,have time for do it for once,it’s an obligation at school,i read to entertain myself,interesting book,to learn more words,for fun/reading the bible,because we have to in ela,to learn new things,it’s relaxing,for fun or when i’m bored,helps me fall asleep,think better about things,need to be relaxed,it’s cool,book i like,i read becuase it makes me feel free,learn more information about things,it is interesting,it helps me fall asleep,fantasy storyli,it helps me relax and i like it.,to stay up to date with the news,i am forced to,electronics,forced to in school by teacher,i read because i have books,to learn new words,because i need to,i only read because teachers force me to,it takes my mind off everything in life,school,i am comfortable,to pass time -matt,if i have to at flex,to find information,for my education,my mom makes me.,i like reading because it’s exhilerating,i read if i have too,to see another world in paper,to get better,i’m forced to,to learn new words yee,if i’m extremely bore,forc d to in school by a teacher,i can’t find a good book,t kill time,recommendations from others,to gain information/simulate experience,i read to my sister,the book is better than the movie,it takes my mind off of things,to learn. to kill time. for homework.,to escape reality- katttt,