opinion,e,a,bias,bias is when you are favoring one side.,a persons opinion,from your experience, everyone's is diff,somebody else's invalid opinion,an you solve my word search,your views,your thoughts,people who focus on one side,opinions,bias favoring one side based on belief,bias is when the author has an agenda,thanos,bread,new york times has a lof bias,leaning to what you believe in,prejudice in favor of one thing,taking one side,someones opinion,not facts,someones emotion used in their answer,favoring one side,based on religious standpoint maybe,n,a personal approach to something.,leaning to one side of a topic,h,t,bias is the opinion of someone,when the topic is related to the writer,bias is one point of view on a topic,talking bout 1 pov other than several,o,s,when someone talks about one thing,when someone is stating their opinion,one sided view,r,having a specific view on a topic,favors one side,c,when someone takes about one thing,when someone is stating there opinion,when there are two sides to a story,