what do you know about context clues?,not that much,not much,things,hints help find meaning of a words,clues in the text to help comprehend it.,clues,n0 u,clues in the text that help define words,explain and i will remember,nothing,they are hints given by the author,forshadowing events,helps find def. by the words around them,a clue that the author gives us.,context clues are hints that a author,they are words that define a word,s,i know that you have to look in the text,clues in a text,context clues give clues about a story,they give us clues in the reading,mmm... crunchy context clues,i kow how to look for them.,important words,words that give us clues.,context clues give hints,not really anything,clues within a word,what the narrator says,the author sometimes give hints,it helps you comprehend,i dont know.,orange justice,author gives hints in a story,words that help understand text,a clue about the plot of a story,clues that you pick up from the text.,hints,clues that the author gives,you are the best teacher mrs. underwood!,they give you hints on what will happen!,clues in a peice of writing helping youe,context clues is where it gives hints,reading between the lines,i dont know anything about context clues,what do you know about context clues.,i dont know,clues that is given,nothing kachow,another answer here...,clues the narrator leaves for us?,i dont know anything,words and a text the define a word,clues in a story,clues within text to reveal a word,words that help you understand the text,author gives hints,gives clues about the story,what do you know about context clues???,words in text that define a phrase/word,answers that the narrator gives in text,they show foreshadowing, hint the reader,context clues are hints towards a word.,they are hints that a author gives.,nothing really? sorry,it helps elaborate on specific things,clues in the text,clues that help define a word in context,hints a author gives,text within a sentence to define a word,words that are important to the story.,it helps put things into perspective,they are clues about a text,i know that it is a hint or clue given,help to define a difficult word,hints in the story,text to help define unusual words,its parts of a story that help you,that there clues,help us understand without author saying,what a narrator would say.,i'm sorry, i know nothing,