dreamless dead,gods blood is shed,whos for a game,blood-shod,behind the wagon,glum,cowed,red fangs torn face,enem,here we lie,sludge,haunting flares,naught broken,smug faced,limped on,thick green light,agony,misty panes,ecstasy of fumbling,cold and weary,worst friend is deat,calling for you,drunk with fatigue,stumbling,simple soldier boy,old lie,froth-corrupted lung,desperate glory,choking,guttering,he plunges at me,drowning,yelling,outstripped,best dreams crushed,worked hard,some spirit old,life an empty joy,hearts torn,laughter go,bent double,lives turn to mould,enemy is but death,hell where youth,dreamless,incompetent swine,dainty demoiselles,dreams crushed,endless screams,no man knows why,heart broken people,before my burning ey,dead we lie,who have known shame,who hac,blood covered hand,you smug faced crowd,shattered,