black attracts light,lets us see,pavement,reflects off glass.,faster than sound,it can heat up.,light is energy!!!!!,light is cool,comes from the sun.,light is energy,reflects oof glass!!,god made light,color is from light,keeps us warm,helps us live,cee,hot,pn,roffglass,light moves in waves,it can get hot,protons and neutron,faster than sound.,light be lit,waq43wf32q35r445eryd,light helps us.,dfj,it comes from thesun,we can create shadow,solar,light is very bright,fast,its yellow,let ther be light,light is bright.,light is light,ndfpjqewnpfjeof,the fastest on earth,reflects oof glass,gets hot,light makes us see,it bouncesofofsound,let there be light,bounces of of sound.,no more boogie man,it is the fastest.,it's bright often,from the sun,