shay-bully,willow~unique,ally-sensitive with others words,melody's mom-very brave and determined,jessica-follows shay and her actions,melody-smart,dell~slighty overweight middle aged man,travis-smart,albert-waking google page,melody's babysitter-strong helpful,willow-unique,melody,kevin- likes the middle ages,travis~isnt easily fooled,ally-smart in her own way,melody's-babysitter nice,determine,tall,ally- misunderstood,kevin- can do alot when bored,tony d[blade]- is a bully and has a gang,melody is very smart but can not talk,gwen- is very pretty in max's opinon,kevin- very smart short, friend of kevin,ally-misunderstood because she cant read,max- fathers in jail,willow-smart, person of color, gardening,freak- very smart,willow-unique,smart,likes to garden,melody-photographic memory, smat,ally-misnderstood,tony d.- very mean almost killed someone,melody-perservers,dell-school counselor, interesting,