we lit,he wrote it like that cuz he was there,it makes the story relatable,cause he wanted the story more better,pizza,write story thought and feelings,bc otherwise u'd only get1 side of story,it is more interesting,k,he is realating to the story that, wrote,i like trains,boom,bc he was there when this happened,e,it makes the reader intrested on thebook,bts,he know more about them,this is boring,a,he choose to write it cuz he was there,also so you can understand story,it makes the story more interesting.,because he told it in a surprising way.,because he wanted 2 tel the backstory,sohecanwriteeachcharactersfelling/thoug,it makes it more surprising,wanted 2 tel backstory,bc he might be relating the story,also it make the story more fun for read,ham,so he can say what they are feeling,it makes the reader intrested on the boo,to make he/she understand who he is.,itz ye boi,