howdoesonedoaspace,dabs on the haters,he thought outside the box,diabetes,he does the dabbing on the haters,dib on dem hatters,yeet,how things work and what he can do,d,sodium chloride,thanks! type your answer here...,he thinks diffrent,he is not afraid to fail, or be wrong.,elf squad,he thought outside the box aye,thanks! type another answer here...,:-),hes problem solver,likes to combine materials and chemicals,he takes risks for knowledge,inventing instead of waiting,he thinks differently from others,he invents stuff when there is a problem,why,problem soover,dabs on the hater,he's smart and he's not like the others.,he does experiments without thinking,he is a problem solver,boom,boom pow kablam,hejustdoesthingsnotknowingtheoutcome,he's awesome and amazing......,xd,he does things without thinking about it,he thinks like a true inventor.,he wasn't afraid to experiment,he thinks out of the box,does what he wants and never sits around,hethinksoutsidetheboxinawayothersdont,he is really smart,finds different ideas he thinks is right,he thinks for other people,he thinks he can make better things,he was very gutsy in his decisions.,he is always cuirios,=),he is more curious than most people.,because he is an inventor :),he applies his extensive knowledge,hethinksoutsidethebox inawayothersdont,nitro glisseran,he thinks better than other people,he applies his extensive knowledge ?,=)5,.3.,