bullying sucks when its you ?????,i hate bullying 24/7 ?✖️,bullying should stop,i hate that bully's are mean ???,classmates could bully,what: you get hurt, teased,,people bully you because their different,i could get bullied everyone can,me to who ever said that24/7,i'm annoyed that bullying is a thing ??,qwerty union,they bullie cause of people's looks,where on the internet #cyberbulling,jay z is a bully,to make people happy in this world,people who bully you might be anyone.,a bully is when some one teis,they might want something you have,people can be bulled at anytime,its not nice,why do bullies be very mean,what do bullies do?. ?oops,they can be sybour bullied online.......,a bully is some one that always herdi,bully's bully you when you get hurt.?,?smart or weak,why because they are stupid,bulling should stop it st.terese,you can be bullied at school.,what:say mean things,jkhjjtbgtfffnbvgfthgvr,bullying is badly getting people hurt ?,people ,tensions or teenagers,bullies can mess you around.,school,my friend,global warming,friend,friends,bully,how to encourage tourism?,yesterday,nnm,part time job,lack of love,tfgtygrrdffgrdteesfreftgfdxdfdgdvxdfdcxc,bullying and cyberbulllying can kill peo,bulling and cyber bullying can ki,when: at school,home at the park,people can be bulled in school and home,who even made up bulling,it could be any one it could be your bff,a bully is when some always hart you,bullying happens when your alone,bully's bully you when you get hurt.,people bully you because your different.,because they are jealous,????,they could be bulling you with anything,jealousy,bullying is bad,on the weekends,what- you'll get hurt.,people who have different things to your,bulling is when someone hurts you 3times,you can be mean to anyone,everyone can be bulled even bullies,people can bully at school-play time,when-after school.,bulling happened every time of the day,they can do it anywhere.,older kids can sometimes bully u,it could be anyone apart of bullying,at school or at shops,bullying is the most painful thing ever,bullying is a serious affect and does no,i have been bullyed many times so it suk,who: anyone,people how have disabilities,when?after school, during school, before,who- anyone.,bullying is bad when you are apart of it,ts where people are mean,anyone can be bullied or be a bully,where at school, shops any where,bullies bully you if smart or weak,people bully so they can feel better,even celebrities can bully,who: classmates can bully,where-school,after school and the shops,who everyone what teasing when ur alone,if bullied you have to tell a teacher,humiliate you, be disrespectful,,people can be bulled online,face to face,bully's could fight you,bulling should stop right now,you could be bullyed at school,you can be bulled any time any where,where in school collage outsiders,bullying affects a lot of people,talk behind your back,you can be a bully whenever you want,who katy perry is a bully,because tthey bully people,its nice,bulling could happen everywhere,bullying should stop from the bully,people that are angry,you can be a bully wherever you want,they can bully whenever and when ever.,people bully for the fun of it,the can punch you and fight people.,what-hurt you,