why do we need sunscreen,can water put out the sun?,why is the sun red during wildfires?,do i need an expensive telescope?,what is the new solar cycle starting?,what keeps the sun spinning,differences of flare/cme/solar wind?,when do effects of space weather show up,what is inside the sun?,what is most exciting in sun research?,what type of star is the sun?,what are some historical events?,does the sun cause the northern lights?,how can we study the sun (too hot)?,what's good about solar energy?,does the sun move?,what are sunquakes,how effective would solar sails be?,is a big solar storm predicted?,why is nasa trying to get to the sun,did the parker probe enter the corona?,will satellites see more in solar max?,can your shadow tell your direction?,why is corona hotter than surface?,does the sun's magnetic field flip?,what is the longest eclipse ever recorde,does the sun cause space weather?,are solar storms dangerous?,who gives space weather alerts?,we should not escape from our responsibi,