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MicroGarden is a very compact interface for AnswerGarden which can be used to gather user data. The answers are linked to an AnswerGarden.

You can use MicroGarden for polling without showing the results instantly (a blind poll). A regular AnswerGarden is used for viewing the responses. Use MicroGarden for embedding multiple questions on one page. Microgarden can also be used when there's very limited space on your blog or website.

Have a look at the MicroGarden below. It's real, it's live, so feel free to answer the question if you like.

The responses can be found by clicking on the logo at the top or the link that is provided after posting an answer. As you can see, the responses show up in the corresponding AnswerGarden, which is shown below.

Please note, that it might be necessary to refresh the page in order to make an answer you've submitted to the MicroGarden show up in the AnswerGarden on this page.

AnswerGarden is a digital scribble space. It makes a great tool for brainstorming in the classroom or workplace.